00 Flour

Dough is the essence of a great pizza.  We will only work milled 00 flour.  The wheat has a softer consistency when milled to the 00 standard. This General Mills Neapolitan flour is simply the best for making incredible pizza dough. The cost of a bag of 00 flour is considerably higher than that of traditional bakers flour but it will deliver a product better than any of our competitors.

The Sauces

My Pizzetta sauces are all made fresh each day.  Unlike some pizza sauces that are simmered for hours and then cooked a second time when they go on the pizza, My Pizzetta pizza sauce is never cooked before it goes in the oven.  Each fresh sauce with its distinctive blend of Penzey's spices is put on your pizza and cooked for the first time in the oven when your pizza is being baked making it very nutritious.  The result is an amazingly fresh tasting pizza sauce you and your family will love.


Fresh Toppings

Over 80% of people who order pizza prefer to choose their own toppings instead of buying a predetermined specialty pizza.  Providing choices is what My Pizzetta is all about.  When we began searching for distributors for our toppings we set clear criteria.  All the food had to be safe, fresh and produced locally.  This is not so easy in a Midwest climate!  Nonetheless we are able to offer our customers food products that meet those criteria.  We encourage you to look at the “Where Our Food Comes From” page and its available links to learn more.